I have two dates (Initial Date & End Date) both date and time format in a SP List. I need to calculate the amount of days between both of them excluding weekends.

I already have the formula in a calculated column(using SP 2013 and Network Days is not supported), but it is not populating the correct time;

for example:

Initial Date: 28/04/2016 09:21
End Date: 28/04/2016 10:21

It gives me as result 1 (a complete day) but it actually was just one hour.

This is the formula, I'm using:


Any idea?

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It is not the datediff that is causing the problem. That function does return 0 when you have the same date with different times.

I am not familiar with the formula that you used but I noticed that it is adding 1 day to the datediff result. Tested the formula without the +1 and it looks OK. Give it a try (replace the column names before, and I had to replace ';' by "," to get the formula working on my environment):


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