I am having lots of trouble while trying to edit the start page of SharePoint. I am a Site Collection Admin and have full rights on SharePoint Site but I'm not (an no one else) able to add a simple text block as a webpart control.

All other WebParts are working fine, but I cannot find any webpart which let me edit/enter some free text.

So I'm either interested in getting the control enabled or otherwise looking for a webpart (which I can use) which permits me to insert text on the page. :)

Here is how the controls look for me:

disabeld insert text


There are two views to each web part page, the shared or public view, and the personal view.

If you go to the Welcome menu and select "Personalize this page" you will see this message:

You are editing the Personal Version of this page

If you go back to the Welcome menu and select "Show Shared View" then you can add the text on the page.

Please follow below mentioned link to understand the scenario.

SharePoint 2013: Personalize a page and configure Web Parts to create a personal view.

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  • well thats not the point. I'm aware that there are "two" views. but both editing menus behave the same. they are its just a different audience of viewers ;) – user1234 Apr 29 '16 at 7:45

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