I have recently done a restore on a site that was backed up from another server (sp2013 onpremise)

When I go to mysite/viewlsts.aspx and click on one of my document libraries, it links to mysites/listname and not mysites/listname/forms/AllItems.aspx as expected. This leads to a "page not found"-page. However if I input the correct url in the address bar Everything works fine.

enter image description here

Its just this list, all other list's links looks fine. I can go to the list settings without any problems.

Is there anyway to re-set this lists link to the correct one?

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Give this a shot

Open list settings and try setting the default view to AllItems. Or create a new view and set it as the default view.

  • That was it.I had no view at all on that list...Thanks!!!
    – Cowborg
    Commented Apr 28, 2016 at 9:01

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