I would like to create a list with inventory on it. This would be just numbers like A1 through A24 (List A). Is there a way to create a lookup field in another list (B) with a column that shows those numbers? Click the drop-down arrow and see the numbers displayed form List A? I know there are only certain types of columns that are supported in Lookup Fields. What type of list should List A be? A custom list? I can't seem to get List B to show any info from List A.

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Yes. You can use custom list for your purpose.


  • Create List A as a custom list. Add your data (A1 to A24) in list.
  • Create List B and create new lookup column, set the name of the column.
  • Choose "List A" in Get information from dropdown list. Choose the column name which is in List A in In this column dropdown list.

Now you can see the values of List A in List B's column.

Further, you can check the limitations of lookup field in this link.

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