I have a list with a "Start" field and "End" field. I'm using a calculated field to determine the difference in hours and minutes between the two. Start - 9:00 am End - 10:30 am =TEXT(End-Start,"h:mm")

The problem I have is that I don't want the time result to display as 2:30... but I can't figure out how to have the time display as 2.5 so that I can use that field to calculate the pay.

I tried using =INT but then it doesn't return the 30 minutes.

Is there another way to return the information in the format I want?

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When you subtract a date field from another date field in a calculated column, the result is given in days.

You can therefore multiply the difference by 24 to get the result in hours, so your formula would likely look like this: =24*(End-Start)

Make sure to set your calculated column to return a number instead of text.

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Change your calculation to


and set the column type to Number with 1 decimal.


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