I have SharePoint 2013 Ent. I have successfully configure User Profile Service Application. My User Profile Synchronize Server is also started successfully. I did AD connection with Auto discover domain controller and done full synchronization.

My AD is something like this CROP.XYZCompany.COM. when we login we do something like this XYZ\Username

But whenever I check user profile I am getting CROP\Username why is it so? I need XYZ\Username

I try to delete service and reconfigure but always the same bahavior.

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The issue is that your Forest Name and NetBIOS name are different. You have to follow the guide from Spence Harbar: http://www.harbar.net/articles/sp2010ups.aspx . It was written for 2010 but still applies to 2013.

After you create the UPA and before you import profiles you have to set NetBIOSDomainNamesEnabled to true.

$upsa = Get-SPServiceApplication –Id <GUID of User Profile Service Application>

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