I'm unable to access the SharePoint Url with the site name http://hhhhhhhhh/sites/example, but when I use the IP address like this - I'm can get into the page.

Can anyone help?


  • Do you have DNS records in place pointing http://hhhhhh/sites/example to the IP of your server? That's the first thing to check – Robert Lindgren Apr 26 '16 at 10:18
  • Or you might have missed the bindings in IIS. – Nisarg Apr 26 '16 at 12:43

You should check in SharePoint (if 2013) Central Administration -> System Settings -> Farm Management -> Configure alternate access mappings if you have added your server address: http://hhhhhhhhh

If not, you should add it. Here you can see how it should look: http://www.ivchenko.pro/SiteAssets/Lists/Posts/AllPosts/alternate-access-mappings.png

Hope it helps.

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Login to SharePoint server, check if the site is browsing with site name i.e http://hhhhhhhhh/sites/example on the server (you may have to add a host entry for hhhhhhhhhh in your host file.).

If the site is browsing fine there, then its most probably a DNS level issue not the SharePoint one. Apparently it looks like your DNS is not resolving the web address and when you type the IP manually, it works.

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