Hope all you geniuses can help :)

I would like to give our external contractors access to a document library which we have named 'Technical Docs' - Which is fine as I can go into "site contents" > pick out the webpart > Settings and provide permission to just that one document library. Easy :)

However now the painful part... How do I add users/groups which are linked to the site we have 50+ subsites

Would I need to go into every subsite and do the above or is there an easier way?

Your help will be much appreciated


If the sub sites are inheriting permissions from the root parent site.then giving permissions at the root site via group should be sufficient - simplest way

If not there is no other easy way as you need to give either manually to each sub site or write a custom powershell /C# console via object model or CSOM and give the permissions through code.

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