My SharePoint 2013 Web Server`s Log folder is getting full. I would like to perform assessment to understand:

  1. What all logging are enabled currently on the server? Please suggest how to achieve it?
  2. Are Sharepoint folders within IIS compressed by Default?

You can run the Below Powershell command, it will give you level for each category. Get-SPLogLevel and output will be like this( i just copied couple of line.)

Area                            Name                            TraceSev   EventSev    
----                            ----                            --------   --------    
Access Services                 Administration                  Medium     Information 
Access Services                 Application Design              Medium     Information 
Access Services                 Application Publishing          Medium     Information 

You Can also go to Central Admin > Monitoring > Configure Diagnostic Logging On this Page if you expand the each category, you will see the what level it configured.

I dont think, IIS compress the folder.

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