what is the maximum size limit for a sharepoint content database when it configured with RBS . i mean max limit for content database .mdf file and rbs san / nas folder

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No different than if you were not using RBS. RBS data 'counts' against database size.



Microsoft has defined some usage scenarios and put recommended limits behind:

  • 200GB for general usage scenarios
  • 4TB for all usage scenarios
  • No explicit limit for document archive scenarios

It is important to understand that the requirements increase, as DB-size increases.

Reference: Software boundaries and limits for SharePoint - Content database limits

RBS does not increase the storage limits of content databases. All limitations still apply to RBS-enabled content databases. RBS is intended to lower storage costs by allowing you to store large read-intensive BLOBs on less expensive drives. For example, if you have 150 GB of RBS data and you have a content database that is 70 GB, this still exceeds the recommended limits of 200GB for a general usage scenario.

Reference: Deciding to use RBS in SharePoint Server

Do not implement RBS just to move around 200GB limitation.

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