I have a root site collection with URL https://....com, and another site collection with URL https://...com/manpath/00000001, where /manpath/ is a wildcard managed path.

The crawler account has FullRead permission for the whole (the only) web application.

I have a content source set up for all the sites and site collections under the root URL of the web application https://....com: enter image description here

Now when I use either search center page or CSOM with query text "WebTemplate:STS" the results don't contain the site collection under the managed path: https://...com/manpath/00000001

But when I explicitly set query text as "WebTemplate:STS AND Path:https://...com/manpath/*" I get the only result: my site collection under the managed path.

Is this an expected behaviour?

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With the help of MS support I've found the reason: I can see all the results when TrimDuplicates=false. Although I don't really understand how it works with the determination of site collections as duplicates.

I've found a few more articles on the topic with more details about duplicates:

View Duplicate Results in the SharePoint 2013 Search Center via JavaScript

BEWARE OF DUPLICATES IN SHAREPOINT ONLINE’S CONTENT SEARCH WEB PART (with the light description of how duplicates detection works)

Official MS documentation on TrimDuplicates usage

Technical description of duplicates detection with hashes

SharePoint 2010 Search: When is a document a duplicate?

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