I am a new SharePoint Admin working for the local county IT department. We would appreciate some guidance on architecting a comprehensive project management platform in SharePoint 2013 On-Premise.


  • Strong need for content roll-up (aggregation) and relationships
  • May have 500+ projects in the near future

Our steering committee members are in one of two camps:

Option 1 - One Site For All Projects

  • The site contains a Project list. Each Project is an item in the list
  • Other content, documents, list items are associated with individual projects with metadata

Option 2 - Subsites For Each Project

  • Each Project has its own web
  • Each Project web has its own lists and libraries for content


  • To anyone with experience implementing such a system; is there advice you could offer?
  • What are the recommended best practices when determining whether to use subsites or to keep everything in one web?
  • If subsites are chosen, what pitfalls should we be aware of when managing potentially hundreds of subwebs?
  • If a single site is chosen, what pitfalls should we be aware of when managing lists and libraries with potentially hundreds or maybe thousands of items?

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Frist of all, I would not go with Option # 1. One list for 500 projects( thousands of Documents) along with One Document Library against a lot of documents. It will be unmanageable after a short time.

Now I would make the decision on the basis of the following information.

  • How many departments / team maintaining these projects. One for all or small teams.
  • expected number of List Items & number of documents
  • Number of users
  • Unique permission?
  • expected size of the site.

One site with 500+ subsite in it, not a bad Idea but again,

  • hard to manage 500 site collection
  • database size can quickly become too large to operate efficiently
  • a single site collection can be a permissions nightmare
  • Backup and recovery bit hard
  • Performance may be an issue.

I am thinking another option.Create Multiple site collections and distribute the Load evenly on it.

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