I am trying to use SharePoint REST API to update a field's value on Project Task, but I don't see the field in the metadata, it lists out pretty much all the fields except for the field I am looking to update, does this mean the field cannot be updated using REST?


This returns all the fields except for the field I am looking to update.

Any help/pointers are appreciated.


No, this means you have a field that is not standard with ?$select=fieldname,anotherfieldname you can get all your fields. Drawback is that you get a Long URL and more typing, but filtering lists and lowering excessive data is important!

The exception to this rule as far as i know is datetime fields can't filter on them (Which is STUPID) and taxonomy crud is terrible so make a custom rest/webservice for it.

Do note that some fields such are required to fetch from a different list such as author id.

Example: ?&select=Author/id

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