Is there any way of displaying the documents inside a Document Set in another page?

What I would like to do is display (maybe through a Web Part) the contents of a Document Set in a page inside a Wiki Library. And when people want to add a new document related to that page then it would be added to that Document Set.

It is a Wiki with software projects and I have a page for each project. I also have a Document Library with folders hierarchically organized with the name of each project and I'm displaying the contents of those folders in the wiki project page with a Web Part.

I would like to start taking advantage of the power of Document Sets metadata to replace the folders and get them displayed in the wiki page but I haven't found a web part to do this.

  • Have you found a solution? Do you need documents from Document Set or Document Library (with metadata filtering) on your wiki page? Apr 21, 2016 at 14:31

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This would best be accomplished using a Page Viewer web part.

Simply set the page viewer web part's properties such that it displays the document set welcome page for the desired document set.

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