I have a list in sharePoint 2016. In this list there is a column Target audience, the requirement is whenever a new item is added in to list an email should sent to the target audience for that item. So for this i am trying to solve it with sharePoint designer 2013. what is the steps and how to do it.. please help..

  • you can achieve this with Designer workfow – Bhaskar Dhone Apr 13 '16 at 11:28

You need to add SharePoint designer workflow on the list. I am going with the per-requisite that SharePoint workflow manager is installed and configured.

Open SPD --> Workflows --> Add list workflow --> Select the list --> Provide workflow name, description.

Add new action --> Send an Email --> Modify the action --> For "To" field --> Workflow lookup for a user --> Current Item -->Select field "Target audience".

Save and publish workflow.

Make use workflow is set up to run on "Item added".

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