I've recently been playing with apps in SharePoint Online. I've wrote a few basic CRUD apps that use JSOM and the REST APIs. These approaches are relatively well documented online, so finding material/tutorials isn't a problem.

However, I keep reading that we can also use CSOM (C#) in our hosted apps, yet I can't find any decent supporting material. The material that I have found seem to be interacting with SharePoint via CSOM using a console application.

Can this be done in a hosted app too? My .aspx pages do not have a code-behind, so I'm unsure of where the CSOM actually goes in my project?

Have I got the wrong end of the stick entirely, i.e. when people are discussing CSOM in hosted apps are they really referring to JSOM? The acronyms appear to be used interchangeably.

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Yes, the acronym is often used interchangeably, SharePoint hosted apps would require JavaScript CSOM whereas Provider hosted apps can work with the Managed (C#) Client Object Model as well

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