How to show all tasks of all subsites in my home page under one "All Tasks list" in sharepoint 2010 ? The admin at home page wants to see all tasks in all subsites under one list created at home page as "All tasks list" Kindly Help !


Best is to centralize all tasks in one list and share list view in all sub sites.

Follow below steps:

  1. Create task list in site collection.
  2. Generate data view webpart of task list using SP Designer and save it to site gallery.
  3. Go to sub site. Edit page and add task list data view webpart found in Miscellaneous category and save page.
  4. Edit page again. Edit webpart property. Click on Edit the current view link from List Views section.
  5. Filter with Created By = [Me] and save view.

In sub site, user can see own tasks. But in site collections, all tasks are displayed in list.

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