I have a standalone SharePoint server 2013 (Win2008r2) for test purposes. I have installed Workflow Manager, marking "Allow Http" in the wizard. The certificates were auto-generated. The server does not have AD.

Now I am trying to run Register-SPWorkflowService and receive the following error:
enter image description here

Workflow service status shows that it is not connected: enter image description here

The port seems correct: enter image description here

  1. I have created new application and new site collection-> the same issue
  2. I ran the cmdlet with -Force, it executed without errors but the Workflow Service status did not change.

I had the same issue, what I did:

  • Go to Central Admin > Application management > Manager services Application > Click on Workflow Service Application Proxy. then from Ribbon Delete it.
  • re-run the register workflow Command. using the -force parameter
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