I have an application that I tested out with a self-created SharepointServer based on an Active Directory environment. For this I used the following code to authenticate with the Sharepoint server(which worked)

    public void authenticate() {
    Authenticator.setDefault (new Authenticator() {
            protected PasswordAuthentication getPasswordAuthentication() {
                logger.info("Authenticated with user: " + user + " and password: " + password);
                return new PasswordAuthentication (user, password.toCharArray());

Now however, they have given me access to an Office 365 environment with a Sharepoint site containing multiple files that have to be read through the API. They have given me a login and a password through which I can log on to the site and check to contents but I am not able to connect to this API (403 error). I have tried the


as a header but also without success. Is there a way I can get my java program authenticated with this online sevice?

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Google's Google Search Appliance is open sourced so you can use it as a nice working example of Office 365 authentication. See: https://github.com/googlegsa/sharepoint/blob/master/src/com/google/enterprise/adaptor/sharepoint/LiveAuthenticationHandshakeManager.java

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