I'm trying to include a link in a site page that leads to a specific element of a list..

I need the link to open the element détails in a modal dialog box instead of sending me directly into the element details within the list..

Is there a way that any links to elements in a specific links automatically open in a modal dialog box?

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You can do it using jQuery like:

<button onclick="javascript:popup(); return false;">Modal</button>

function popup(){
            url: "URL of List", 
            title: "Title of page", 
            allowMaximize: true, 
            showClose: true, 
            width: 850, 
            height: 600, 
            dialogReturnValueCallback: newCallback 
function newCallback(dialogResult, returnValue) { 

I finally figured out to make it work by adding some code directly to the hyperlink.


links are now opening correctly.

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