I have a page where I display 4 times a same list, but with a different view, and different audience. I can easily have different views for my webparts, but I don't know how to have one different form (new element form) for each webpart. Because when I modify the form (with "list settings" => "column classement"), it modifies the form for all the webparts. But I would like to hide some fields for one webpart, change order for another...


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You could achieve this with Sharepoint Designer.

  • Select in Sharepoint Designer your list
  • Create a new Form for each of your web parts (ex. newitemtest.aspx in the picture) list forms
  • Edit the new form removing the fields you want to hide from the userd
  • Provide the users with the new links ex. if the list is called test:


Here is a link Create a custom list form using SharePoint Designer

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