I have two lists called "Department" and "Employee", in Employee has a lookup employee depart to the "Department" list

I need to know how can I do the update Employee information and department column by using linq to SharePoint?

Please advice.!

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Try this code:

var result = ((from item in web.Lists["Employee"].Items.Cast<SPListItem>()  // Change Employee list name
              from deptitem in web.Lists["Department"].Items.Cast<SPListItem>() // Change Department list name
               where item.ID == 50 && deptitem.Title == "Dept2"   // Department title which you want to update
                    select new {  item, deptitem }).All(x =>
                         x.item["Title"] = "Updated";
                         x.item["Department"] = x.deptitem.ID;
                         return true;

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