Our customer is using 3 domains in two way trusted mode. We are supporting applications on SharePoint 2010 Foundation.

We are facing duplicate user account issue as a few users are present in two domains and a few are present in all three.

  • Lets say domains are A, B and C. SharePoint is hosted in Domain B. Users are from Domain A.
  • Now I want the people picker field should show users from Domain A.
  • This is required in SharePoint foundation 2010.

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I have not done this myself, but it should be do-able for SharePoint Foundation 2010 using Stsadm. The fuzz when configuring the people picker is that it's done on a site collection level basis.

The example from the blog below suggest to configure the people pickers used in a site collection to a specific domain like this:

stsadm -o setproperty -pn peoplepicker-searchadcustomquery -pv 
“(canonicalName=[YOURDOMAIN]*)” -url http://[yoursharepointsitecollection]

Restricting the People Picker to searching one domain

Configure People Picker (SharePoint Foundation 2010)

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