I want to create the Skill Matrix in SharePoint 2013. How to create the skill matrix using SharePoint List?

  • Matrix that contains all the development skills of the Employee in different departments.
  • Using the Data from list, I can take the Periodic reports of Employee Skills

What can I use, SSRS Report or create a custom web Part?

  • I was thinking that this was really two questions not one. The answer is maybe to both, but will that solve the business problem? I think you should start with a team site and then think about adding a term list for the skills, allowing people to add their own terms. What is your periodic report meant to achieve? That is the important question.
    – MikeAinOz
    Apr 10, 2016 at 5:24

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Successfully created the Skill Matrix using Kendo Grid UI. Populate Kendo Grid by using list as data soucre
The colors indicate the Skill Level of the employee. enter image description here

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