I am looking for a tool able to perform a cumulative report of SharePoint rights, AD groups and IRM rights, at document level in a given library.


There are couple of tools available, but you have to try them and see if they fulfill there requirement.

DeliverPoint SharePoint Permissions Management

ControlPoint from Metalogix

Build the Perfect SharePoint Security Report

You can try this free codeplex tool: SharePoint Permission Analyzer


As a tool for cumulative reporting of SharePoint permissions, I can recommend SPDocKit. It drills down and view all permissions, explore permissions history, and create site and user specific reports, and it can also be used to manage permissions given directly to Active Directory users, Active Directory groups, SharePoint groups, users from custom identity providers, and create various reports to keep up with all these permissions.

Disclaimer: I’m affiliated with Acceleratio Ltd., the company behind SPDocKit.

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