Microsoft is publishing two similarly named nuget packages that contain the App for SharePoint Web Toolkit. They are:

  1. App for SharePoint Web Toolkit (for SharePoint 2013)
  2. App for SharePoint Web Toolkit (for SharePoint Online)

These are both at v2.1.3 currently.

Other than the nuget package name, is there a difference between these two packages? I've installed both side by side and have found not such difference.

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I've compared two .nupkg files (zip archives, actually) - there are minor differences in metadata (package names and so on), other files are byte-per-byte equal.

Why would anyone bother with giving a separate name to equal fileset? I think it's related to 'versionless' nature of SP Online and upcoming release of SP 2016.

So AppForSharePointOnlineWebToolkit could be updated separately in future, while leaving AppForSharePointWebToolkit for 2013 and introducing something like AppForSharePointWebToolkit2016 package for 2016

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