I am working with SharePoint 2010 . I have a folder in my SharePoint document library. I am trying to get the users who have any permission or role to that folder programmatically. But can't find a way to get the list of these users.

Thanks in advance.


Can you try this code snippet

public static void getPermissionsOfFolders()
        using (SPSite site = new SPSite("http://sp"))
            using (SPWeb web = site.RootWeb)
                SPList list = web.GetList("/Lists/List2");
                foreach (SPListItem item in list.Folders)
                    Console.WriteLine("ID: "+item["ID"]+"--"+item.SortType);
                    if (SPFileSystemObjectType.Folder == item.SortType)
                        SPRoleAssignmentCollection roles = item.RoleAssignments;
                        foreach (SPRoleAssignment role in roles)
                            Console.WriteLine("Name: "+role.Member.Name);

                            SPRoleDefinitionBindingCollection bindings = role.RoleDefinitionBindings;

                            XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument();
                            XmlNodeList itemList = doc.DocumentElement.SelectNodes("Role");
                            foreach (XmlNode currNode in itemList)
                                string s = currNode.Attributes["Name"].Value.ToString();
                                Console.WriteLine("Permission Level: "+s);

Found same from the link: https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/sqlserver/en-US/8c7c5735-039e-4cb9-a2b5-58d70a10793f/get-permissions-group-from-folders-tree-view-on-a-doc-library?forum=sharepointdevelopmentprevious

Also you can refer to this link for CSOM approach https://stackoverflow.com/questions/32163483/code-to-list-all-permissions-for-sharepoint-folders

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  • As i am working on a folder in document library, so how to get the folder using list? – Md. Tahmidul Abedin Apr 4 '16 at 8:42
  • U would just give it a try... As folder is also one item and you can check in the code snippet that we are working with folders in the library – Ankitkumar Malde Apr 4 '16 at 9:11
  • Its giving FileNotFoundException as there is no list named "List2" is not existed in my list. I didn't find any way to get the list which contains the document library folders using web-part. – Md. Tahmidul Abedin Apr 5 '16 at 11:35

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