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You do not need to load a 90 Kilobyte jQuery library or loop thru elements

standard JavaScript * contains Selector:

document.querySelector("a[id*='Commit'] span:nth-child(2)").innerHTML='Submit';

Or shorter and changing only one button on screen


And to add script to the Form: Hide top navigation links in displayform, editform Sharepoint 2007

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I have done it this way, you could add this script to your master page...

var x = document.getElementsByClassName("ms-cui-ctl-largelabel"); //The save button class
var i = 0;
while (i<x.length)
    if (x[i].innerHTML=="Save")
    x[i].innerHTML = "Submit";

Of course it's not the best option since they can change the class name in the future or something else, but it works right now.

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I usually use jQuery and the attribute starts with selector, they'll probably not change the ID's.


I haven't looked much into the SP.Ribbon namespace tbh, so from what I can see you'll probably have to do something in the lines of this:

    .$N_1.$G_1.children[1].innerText = "Submit";

I just hope thats not the correct way to use the SP.Ribbon namespace to alter existing elements, just hope someone has a better solution.

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