I need to develop a Persian language pack for SharePoint Server 2016, because there is no built-in Persian language pack in SharePoint server 2016 image file.

In IRAN we must pay for this language pack, but now i want to develop and create a package for this purpose and publish free in internet for public uses.

For example the cost of a Persian language pack in IRAN is Equals to Microsoft SharePoint 2016 license.

what should I do?

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It would be extremely hard to try to translate everything on the page without the language pack. What I think you mean is how do you get around purchasing the language pack. I guess you could feed all your pages through google translate api, but that isn't ideal or recommended.


there is a language pack in this

this pack is without calender and version is older than 2016 but is a good start for improvement pack and share free and open source

If your start project I will help to develop this pack too

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