I have 10 web applications in our SharePoint 2010 farm, these web applications loading very slowly and sometimes the application pool restarts.

How do I start tracing where the performance bottle neck is in our farm? What are the recommended ways to find the problem?


As a Start point you can do following things:

  • Check the Hardware on the SharePoint WFE( Memory Usage and CPU), check if/which process is eating up
  • Drive space on the SharePoint Server
  • SQL Server Hardware checks (Connections, Memory, CPU etc)
  • Hardware should meet the min requirement
  • if you have multiple servers then check each individual server.
  • Check the ULS, IIS logs and Event Logs. Analyze them and get the clue
  • See if search crawling cause the slowness
  • Maybe backup either SharePoint or SQL Server cause this slowness
  • Use the Developer Dashboard and check which component is taking too much for loading.
  • Setup the performance counter and try to find the bottleneck.
  • if you have customization then check if those have some kind of leaks.

Are you using separate App Pool for each web application then you already max the Microsoft recommendation? I think if that is the case then collapse the app pool on multiple web application bring down the numbers.

SharePoint 2010: Tips for Dealing with Performance Issues


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