I am almost to 2.0 with the generic iCSR support library.

Having some issues with deployment:

  • Adding the library as SiteCollection ScriptLink/Custom action loads it before msajaxbundle where Type.registerNamespace is defined

The workaround is to put a copy of msajaxbundle in the style library, and load it as (another) Custom Action:

I first tried the absolute CDN url for msajaxbundle but then (for me) unwanted behaviour happens.

So I have these CustomActions:

The absolute URL is loaded, but only way down after many scripts have loaded:

That means: Custom Action files with external URLs are loaded AFTER JSLinks

And that really s*ks because I would like to have one (CDN) iCSR library

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Earlier it was not possible to inject scripts from CDN to ScriptLink location, you had to use ScriptBlock location to do that. I did some tests and now it is possible, at least in o365! So I updated the Chrome SP Editor chrome extension to support this too. So now, all injections will respect the sequence and will load in correct order.

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