I'd like to create a page template in a team site that has a few elements each time I create the page. These elements would include..

  • Predefined headings and text areas
  • An embedded issues app part pre-filtered by some meta data
  • An embedded document app part linked to a document library based on meta data

In a normal ASP.NET site I can see how to accomplish this but, with SharePoint, I'm not so clear and am ending up with a lot of repetitive tasks each time I create a page.

I'm assuming that there is must be a way of doing this relatively easily? Any thoughts or links to help me with this?



You can create a custom publishing page layout with Design Manager and SharePoint Designer. Here's one of the many articles about how to do it. There is also an MSDN documentation.

You need the publishing features to be activated. They are disabled on a team site by default.

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