I need to create replica server of my SharePoint 2013 publishes multilingual website for disaster recovery. Please suggest me steps to do this.

I installed SharePoint 2013 and SQL server 2012 new server. only one CU difference is there between new and old SharePoint and I can't apply that SharePoint update to the old server.


I would do this

  • Build a new farm with the same build number. It make life easy in case of testing and DR.
  • Install all required LPs as per the production
  • Deploy all customizations as per the Production
  • Create new web application, apply all customization(if any)
  • Now backup the content db from Old farm and restore it to your New/DR farm
  • Attach it to the web application.
  • test it.

If your New farm with higher build number than the Production farm, Only sql backup of content db will work.

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