I have an SP list with 6000 items.It contains 10 lookup columns. I want to filter,retrieve and display a set of items in a page based on these lookup value.

I tried using REST API & CSOM but I am getting an error saying that the threshold has been reached whenever I try to filter based on lookup column.The URL used in REST API is given below.

url:"sites/mysite/_api/Web/Lists/GetByTitle('Details')/Items?$select=Title,Sector/Title&$expand=Sector/Title&$filter= Sector/Title eq 'Banking'",

Also I want to filter based on Title of lookup.

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This is a setting on the farm. While it is configurable, you should probably leave it at its current settings.

You can find more resources about this in the links below. https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/spses/2013/12/02/sharepoint-20102013-list-view-lookup-threshold-uncovered/

How to Increasing Lookup column limit from 8



If you have more than 8 Lookup columns in your list then you will Hit the Listview threshold, even if your return rows are less than 5K.

A couple of things.

  • either reduce the number of lookup columns in the view and try again.
  • Or Increase the ListView Threshold value for lookup column( this is not recommended as cause performance issue).

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