I would like to check within client application (CSOM), if there have been any changes to any files in library in eg. last 15 minutes.

I know that there is list.GetChanges method in server-side object model, but it does not exist in CSOM. Is there another way to see if any file has changed, without having to go trough all the listitems first?


List.GetChanges method is also available in CSOM. Here is the MSDN pointer. Here is some sample code.

Returns the collection of changes from the change log that have occurred within the list, based on the specified query.

Syntax of C#

public ChangeCollection GetChanges(
    ChangeQuery query

Danny Engelman gave correct answer in his comment:

List has LastItemModifiedDate property, that will give time of last change to anything (list item, field, property) in the list.

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