I am developing a WCF service that retrieve items from SharePoint 2013 (Server Side Model), through views:

var list = web.Lists[someLibGuid];//Document Library List
var view = list.Views[0];
var folder = web.GetFolder(someFolderGuid);
var items = list.GetItems(view);
var itemsInFolder = ((SPDocumentLibrary)list).GetItemsInFolder(view, folder);

By default both GetItems and GetItemsInFolder will retrieve the default rowlimit(let's say 30 items)

How to get next page(next 30 items) or Page with index X through this specific view ?

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You can implement that using caml query and SPListItemCollectionPosition, to know more about the implementation, kindly have a look at the below links,

  1. SharePoint List Pagination using SPListItemCollectionPosition

  2. Learning SharePoint Part VII – List Pagination

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    Thanks for your effort, i knew how to use SPListItemCollectionPosition by caml query, but problem is how to apply it to a view as mentioned in the question, i have an idea by using the SPListItemCollectionPosition on the SPView.Query, but i am not sure if this is best practice and if it will conserve the view criterias (where, sorting, grouping). One more thing there is a property in the SPView called Paged (bool), but i couldn't find an example how to use it, let say i set it true then how i can call next page. Mar 22, 2016 at 12:07

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