When performing a SharePoint Search operation on a SharePoint 2010 environment, the following error appears:

Error: Internal Server Error Exception

Farm topology:

  • APP01 - Application Server
  • WFE01 - Web Front End Server 1
  • WFE02 - Web Front End Server 2

ULS logs

03/21/2016 09:58:27.69 w3wp.exe (0x1B50) 0x2120 SharePoint Server Search Query dn1p Medium Filter category FASTMaxNumberOfFilters in the config is in wrong format. Input string was not in a correct format. 0de31de7-6849-402c-bef3-46c375d36ed9


Reviewing the Search Topology it became clear the SharePoint environment was missing the Query Component. There was not a single SharePoint Query Component in the Search Topology.

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To solve this issue I :

  • created a new Query Component on the Application Server APP01;
  • performed an index reset to rebuild the index;
  • executed a full crawl.

After this the search is again functional.

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