I have the following calculated column that returns the "Max End Date" field using the following format YYYY/MM/DD.

=YEAR([Max End Date])&"/"&MONTH([Max End Date])&"/"&DAY([Max End Date])

Although this is working well when there is actually a value in it, when there is no value it returns a nonsense 1899/12/30. I would like it to return nothing if the "max end date" field is empty. I know there is a function ISBLANK that accounts for this, but how do I go about integrating it in my existing code?

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SharePoint DateField is a counter

So 1899/12/30 is not Nonsense but day 0

=IF( [Max End Date] 
     , TEXT( [Max End Date] , "yyyy/mm/dd" )
     , "Where is the end date?"


Update 1

Sharp observation from @SPArchaeologist in the comments


returns 1899/12/30


returns 1899/12/31

  • not meaning to say you are wrong at all, but... Any idea why it is 1899/12/30 and not 1899/12/31?
    – SPArcheon
    Commented Mar 17, 2016 at 18:02

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