I need to show results from an Event List In Content Search Web part, including recurring events.

The iissue is that I am not able to retrieve the recurrent events.

Remark: I know this can be achieved by "SOAP" in CQWP and CEWP but I have a requirement to do it with Content Search webpart

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Per my research (if this hasn't changed) only the first occurence of a recurring event is indexed by the search engine. The following events are not indexed and hence you can not use a pure Content by Search Webpart approach to accomplish this

  • so Can we Do any thing with Display Template like using SOAP can we achieve this or else any method for particular search
    – S.P
    Mar 16, 2016 at 12:02
  • As far as I know you will not be able to identify recurring events from the search results, but if you are able to do that then you can use JavaScript in a display template to fetch and expand the actual event item. You would have a huge problem with identifying which recurring events that do take place in your current time span though! Mar 16, 2016 at 13:48

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