I've created default document template for document library successfully and placed Document property in the template.
Now when I create new document using Ribbon it takes document template correctly. and placed pre-defined added Document Property.enter image description here

But When I create document from shortcut button, it doesn't accept default template and creates blank document enter image description here

Can Anyone explain difference between this two?


You'll want to ensure that you enable content types on your library.

  1. Go to the library settings > advanced settings > allow management of content types, and select Yes

  2. Create a new site content type that inherits from Document and attach your document template to that.

  3. Add the new content type to the list of content types for the library.

  • mine are 16.0.5104.1206 – Ubiquitous Developers Mar 14 '16 at 12:47
  • Just realised I was on the wrong track. I've re-written answer in regards to using content types on your library, which I had previously assumed! – Paul Lucas Mar 14 '16 at 13:16

The main difference between New Document command in Ribbon and so-called +New control is that +New control is connected to Office Web Apps, opens Create a new file dialog box on click, and gets replaced by +New document as soon as content type management is enabled in the library.

There's a KB article on this behavior.

If you want to change that behavior, follow @PaulLucas's advise or consult this article at support.office.com - simply turn on content types.

I prefer to think of +New control as of something more suitable for simple use cases - no defined content types, and nothing like IRM, information policies, customized templates. Just a friendly way for users to get used to Word/Excel Online.

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