In our existent sharepoint 2013 web we only have site collections in the default managed path http://servername/sites/collectionname. Is it safe to create a root site collection without affecting the existent collections, such as search or user permissions?

The only reason we want a root site is to use alias name (CNAME) to connect, and then redirect to one of the other collections.

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Yes it's fine to create a root site collection. In fact in the past I've come across scenarios where not having a root site collection actually caused issues (though I can't remember off the top of my head what those issues were).


Simple HTTP Redirect in IIS should do the trick without having to add root site collection and do client side redirect.

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You should create the Root Level Site collection, without root level Site collection SharePoint will have tons of Issue. Couple of these are

  • MMS will have issue
  • MySite will not work properly
  • many Urls reside under the root site level( _layouts folder) will be broken

Couple of reference: Link 1 , Link 2

It is safe to create and you should do it.

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