I don't see any workflow 2013 action that would let me readily retrieve items from a custom list in a SP online team site. Therefore I have to rely on REST/_API calls as discussed in this article. However I am not sure how do I get to the data from the JSON result I am receiving. Following is what it looks like when it is retrieved through the Advanced REST Client tool in browser.

JSON Response

I need to loop through the whole value dictionary and get the Title properties for each item. For some reason I cannot get the value dictionary no matter whatever item by name or path I use in the Get an item from a dictionary action.

For test reasons as shown in the SP designer screenshot below, I am accessing the Title property at the 3rd index of the value block and saving the result into a test list. A record gets added but with empty value. At least, is it possible for me to verify if I am getting any data at all from the service call? How can I log the JSONresults, which is a dictionary variable? It also comes out empty when saved to the Test list.

enter image description here

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Looks like d/results works when put in for item by name or path . I don't know why the Advance Rest Client Tool is not showing d or results and instead shows value.

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