I have a web application with a root site collection:


I have further host named site collections like this:


Note: "bu" is just a host header managed path.

Then I have sites under these site collections like so:


Is it possible to add/change a site's URL from https://sp.site.com/bu/dept1/site1 to https://site1.site.com?

If not, is it possible to add/change a site collection's URL from https://sp.site.com/bu/dept1 to https://dept1.site.com?

I have tried to use Set-SPSiteUrl to add a URL for a site collection but I get an error message saying this can only be applied to the root site collection at https://sp.site.com.

Any other methods within or outside of SharePoint?

  • how you created the bu/dept1, as hostname site using powershell or managed path based site collection? i dont think you can change the url at subsite level but you can at site collection if it HNSC.
    – Waqas Sarwar MVP
    Mar 9, 2016 at 13:45
  • Hi Waqas, I mention in my question the site collections are host named site collections. "bu" is a host header. I also thought you could change HNSC URLs, but I think the limitation is when using Set-SPSiteUrl you can only change the URL to the root site collection, i.e at sp.site.com
    – Submits
    Mar 9, 2016 at 13:48

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Yesm You can only change the url of the root site collection of HNSC. Here is what technet is describing;

The Set-SPSiteUrl cmdlet only applies to the root site collection for a host name that is, http://www.contoso.com. This cmdlet cannot be directly run against a managed path site collection underneath the root that is, http://www.contoso.com/sites/test.

But if you want to change it, then I am thinking of backup and restore option. Create new HSNC site collection using the new url, then take the backup of existing and restore it on newly created.


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