I am writing an application that scrapes all the files from a given SharePoint site and all of its sub-sites.

This worked perfectly when I ran it locally however, now that it's running on a server there were some changes that had to be made.

Previously I could just reach the site from the program through it's name [SharepointSiteName]

Now however I need to address it through the domain [SharepointSiteName].example.com.

This works when I'm asking for the files of the root site but once I get to the sub-sites it doesn't find the files any more.

All of the scraping makes use of the SharePoint API, so as an example:


**Doesn't Work**

The program is written in Java and switching to C# is not an option.

Is there a way around this? I could be missing something obvious here since I am fearly new to SharePoint and didn't really know how to look for the answer as well.

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