I currently have a form that employees can fill out to request changes to ISO controlled documents, this form/form library is located under site A.

I have been asked that after the requested changes gets final approval or a single rejection that I make a record of the document, however the form does require further editing by members of QA team. Since the form still has to be edited after approval I decided to send a copy of the document to the records center after approval/rejection. The records center is located under a different site which I will call site B

I have the records center set up, and it routes the form into the proper library. However, I noticed that it only has the name linked to the form and modified/modified by columns. I want to make it so that I can populate additional columns in my records library automatically so searching for records will be easier for end users.

Since site B is a sub-site of site A my workflow on the original form/library can not update the records library in site B.

Is there a way to automatically fill in columns on the record library with data found in the form/original workflow?

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