Is there a limit to the size of a file or the number of times file can be updated in SharePoint?

Recently had a file that could not be updated and was troubleshooting.


Maximum file size limit is 2 GB. This can't be changed.

But SP web applications have much lower configurable limitation out of box, these are set in CA.

Default values are:

  • For SharePoint 2013: default max file size is 250 MB
  • For SharePoint 2007/2010: default max file size is 50 MB

Yes there is a limitation on the number of times you can update a file in SharePoint. If you closely look into below article link you can see the Major Versions and Minor versions limit shown.

SharePoint 2013 List & Library Limitations

SharePoint 2010 List & Library Limitations

Regarding maximum file size upload, @Aziz has already informed you in his answer about the file size limitations. The above two articles also states the file size limitation. Check for File Size in the table.

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