I've taken over an Office 365 admin role (using SharePoint Online 2013 in particular here) and we're in the middle of a data migration. I was asked to look into displaying a Terms and Conditions page for users logging in after a change.

After some research it seems the best recommended course of action is to create a User property and set to false and create a User control on a page to check the property and if false, redirect to the Ts&Cs page and once accepted change to true for user.

However I haven't done much more than assign user permissions through AD security groups in SharePoint and have a feeling this is far and away more advanced.

Does anyone have a Technet article or tutorial to show me where to begin with this, a lot of what I'm reading says I should be very comfortable with building and deploying Web Parts via SharePoint (spoiler, I'm not).

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I haven't done anything like that with regards to making a user accept a new version of Ts&Cs, but I have made users accept Ts&Cs based on a cookie. The cookie woud expire after a set amount of time. Check out http://www.cookiecentral.com/code/js_code.htm

  • We did something similar. We have a java user agreement pop-up that is embedded into a script editor web part. When people launch their browser, they have to click ok to close. The cookie is persistent as long tas they keep their browser open. Commented Mar 3, 2016 at 1:21

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