First question. When you reach Site Contents you see all subsites and you can create new ones. I want to trigger a workflow that ask someone to approve subsites creation, the subsite is not create as long as it has not been approved. Does someone knows how to perfom this ?

Second question. Everywhere i see that you MUST configure workflow manager if you use Sharepoint 2013. Thing is i dont have it and i can still create workflow. What is the point of workflow manager ? what is it used for ? what is its utility ? Everybody says "install it" but nobody explains why.


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  1. Regarding your first question there is a similar thread at MSDN - Approval workflow for creating a subsite

  2. If you don't install workflow manager, the workflows will be 2010 style workflows. If you want to create 2013 style workflows, you need to configure the workflow manager. I have written a blog post on this at - Workflows in SharePoint 2013 using Visual Studio Check the link to technet article in the first paragraph to learn more about the workflow manager and SharePoint 2013 style workflow architecture.

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