I have enabled Term driven navigation in a sub site. When I use friendly URLs and visits a sub level in the hierarchy no parent levels are shown just the selected page and its siblings. This only happens when I use friendly URLs. If i switch back to "Simple Link or Header" the quick launch menu shows all parent levels.

How can I get the full menu when using friendly urls?


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I tried to edit the page layout and the master page in order to change the behavior of the menu but nothing helped. Then I found a blog post about an xml-file on the server that had the same settings.

When I made changes to that file the menu worked as I wanted. It is probably not the best practice way because it involves editing a standard SharePoint file on the server, but it worked...

This is the file:


  • Good day, I have the same problem. Could you give the link to the blog post about xml-file on server, please? Which changes did you make to the file NavigationSiteSettings.xml ?
    – Anonymous
    Commented Dec 10, 2020 at 16:45

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