I've created a site collection and its associated groups (owners, members and visitors) and associated the site collection admin as their owner. I then tried to get them using powershell and it worked fine.

Then, I changed the associated groups owner to a different user (which is members of the owners associated group) and tried to get them through powershell but this time, it seems like sharepoint is not recognizing them :

enter image description here

Does anyone has an idea of what's going on and how to let sharepoint recognize them even if the group owner is not the site collection admin ?



Please follow the instructions at "Set up groups" section of this article at support.office.com.

Or you might try setting $web's AssociatedOwnerGroup, AssociatedMemberGroup and AssociatedVisitorGroup manually in powershell

Also there is SPWeb.CreateDefaultAssociatedGroups method to create completely new set of groups, just in case

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